Center for the Explanation of Consciousness
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This 2014-2015 academic year, we will present a new series of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Consciousness Geballe Workshops, sponsored by the Stanford Humanities Center. We are currently planning workshops on consciousness & literature, and the hard problem of consciousness. Speakers this year will include Joshua Landy, Suzanne Guerlac, Murat Aydede, Hakwan Lau and Michael Tye.

About Us

The CEC is a research initiative at CSLI which is devoted to studying explanations of consciousness. The CEC hosts talks and symposia from a variety of viewpoints exploring the nature of conscious experience. We also sponsor reading groups during the term, led by faculty and graduate students.



FALL 2014

SHC Geballe Workshops: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Consciousness

Thursday, Oct 16th, 12 Noon
Barwise Room, Cordura Hall
Albert Newen
Philosophy, Ruhr-Universität
"Varieties of cognitive penetration in visual perception"

Thursday, Oct 30th, 1 PM
Barwise Room, Cordura Hall
Joshua Landy
DLCL, Stanford
"Proust and Consciousness: Discussion of Excerpts from Philosophy as Fiction"
Abstract & Readings

Thursday, Nov 6th, 5:00 PM
The Board Room
Stanford Humanities Center
Suzanne Guerlac
French, UC Berkeley
"Proust and Photography: Albertine and Memory Production"


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